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11.23.12 Anticipation

Sofie: “Mom, did you send the invitation?”

Mom: “Yes, Sofie Bear, they are on your Facebook site as an event” 

Sofie: “Did you bake the special cookies I requested?”

Mom: “Yes, Sofie, they are cooling with the other pumpkin treats.” 

Sofie: “Presents! Are presents hiding somewhere?” 

Mom: “Patience, little one.” 

Sofie: “Are my friends going to come to visit?”

Mom: “Yes, Sofie, Mojo and Amy will be here.”

Sofie: “I am so excited that I am going to be 2 years old on Sunday! Can we go for a walk just you & me.” 

Mom:  “Sounds like a plan, Baby”

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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11.13.12 A Lesson In How Not To Train Your Dog

So the girls and I were out at the school yard running around.  I wanted you could see the joy that Louise has when in an open field with no scary other humans or animals to distract her.  I tried to capture a moment on video.  Then as I was looking at the video, I realized the probably everything I did was reinforcing the wrong things.  For example. I call the dogs to me.  They start to come but they don’t get all the way there.  So I call them again, repeatedly.  This is wrong, right?  I should be able to call them once, and if they loved me listened to me, they would be right in front of me in a good sit position until I released them. But NOOOOO!, I gave them treats anyway and reinforced the, wishy washy behavior.  Then, when I released them, I kept talking. 

(Note to Mommy trainer:  Stop talking so much because you confuse them.  Only treat when they really do what you asked.) 

We were having the best run when a boy on an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) came loudly and speedily into the school yard and scared us.  Thereby stopping our freedom and also causing Louise to go back into the fearful place.  What is an ATV doing in the neighborhood anyway?  Are they even allowed in such a populated area?  After we regained our composure (Louise on leash), the noisy monster left, we walked home happy and tired.  I do hope you like the little Non-Training Video, especially listen to the smacking sound when Sofie takes the cookie. 

(Another Note to Mommy trainer: Tired dogs are happy dogs (or something like that).  They had fun and that is important.)

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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