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8.4.12 Noel Took Charge

Noel In Charge

The trouble with leaving Noel in charge of the zoo while I was gone, is that she actually took it very seriously.  Here you see her taking over the dog bed in my office and forcing poor Louise to sleep on the floor.  That is the trouble with animals of different species.  They seem to boss each other around in funny ways.  What I found really cute is that Louise actually listened to her and vacated the bed.  Maybe it is an age before beauty thing; Lulu being the younger animal of course.   I think that in my absence Noel was forced to deal with situations that she did not prefer; like having to be with people other than Mommy and actually being with the rest of the herd/pride.  I noticed that she has been out more the last couple of days since I have been home.  She was investigating ‘Syd,’ the platypus that I brought home from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, for Peanut.  Funny what happens to certain animals when you give then a sense of responsibility.

Maybe Noel will start being more social with the other animals now that she has been in the leadership role.  I doubt it though.  I do find it interesting that the dogs allowed Noel to be in their bed when they do not allow any other cats to even come close.  They are really possessive about their spots usually.  I have seen Sofie get extremely upset at Nine for trying to enter her kennel (she probably was protecting her lovey, Beaver, who was sleeping inside).  The dynamics of my pack/pride are very interesting.  When you change one thing, take out a member or add a member, even for a short time, the relationships seem to shift.  Sometimes they come back to where they started, and sometimes, they don’t.  I really hope the dogs don’t start standing on my desk and sleeping in Noel’s bed under the window.  I don’t think I could deal with that.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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8.3.12 Melbourne and Sydney Trip Animal Pics

Funny dog clothing – Melbourne Open Market

Thinking Buddies – Taronga Zoo – Sydney

EMU – Taronga Zoo – Sydney

Kookaburra – Sydney

Tasmanian Devil – Sydney

Bottlebrush Bush – Sydney

Dhole ( Australian wild dog) – Sydney

Wallaby standing next to me

Big Reds ignoring me

Kanga looking at me

Ibis trying to eat my lunch

Ibis following me around the city

Flightpath Sydney to LAX

‘Not’ Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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