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Oy Vey! She’s Gone Again!

Oy Vey

“Oy Vey” means “Woe is me!”

You won’t believe this, but Mom has left on an airplane again.  This time she has gone to Israel to visit Peanut at University.  Peanut has been gone a long, long time (Mom says since August) though we hear Mom talking to her on the computer, we don’t smell her around here much anymore.  

We are going to Sonya’s for a nice little vacation until Mom gets back.  Peanut says there are millions and millions of feral cats in Israel and she is taking care of many of them at school.  Mom is looking forward to meeting them and taking pictures, but she especially looking forward to hugging her baby – for a very long time.


Here is one of the Israeli cats that Peanut sent a picture of.  We do hope Mom leaves them all there because we have enough animals to deal with at the zoo.

You know Mom checks the blog wherever in the world she is, so don’t go anywhere.   She will do her best to respond to your comments as quickly as she can (if she ever takes a break from hugging Peanut).

june carissa 2013

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Traveling with Ears

Whenever I travel – wherever I go – I always take Ears with me.  Ears is one of the first things V gave me when we met. Maybe he was won at a carnival, but I really don’t remember.  Ears comes with me, even if I am only going on an overnight.  You see, I always have a dog with me, no matter where I am in the world. (When at home, Ears lives on my night stand next to the bed.)

Ears China 1

Ears has been in more countries and states than most people, I guess.  I never thought to make him a passport, but if I did, I guess it would look a lot like mine (except no one asks him for his visa) and I think he was born in China, not the USA. – BOL

Somehow the cat’s toy turtle (which is actually one of Sofie’s favorites too) found it’s way into my suitcase on this trip.  (Did I ever tell you about the time I got to Switzerland and was unpacking my clothes to find a dog biscuit among my underclothes,  Hahahaha.  Truly, Nikki, my dog of the time, dropped it in while I was packing at home.  To this day (about 20 years later) – I still carry that petrified Milkbone in my bag.)

I have this tradition of leaving cards for V when I travel. Years ago, when I traveled less, I used to leave a card for everyday.  Now, especially with a 6 week trips, I leave one for every week . The cards are numbered and dated with instructions when to open (not that I am there to know).  I plan the cards between humor and missing you and lovey-dovey, to try and keep the momentum going. There is always usually one from V in my suitcase (hiding in some pocket).  This trip, I guess because it is sooooo long, even K8 made me a wonderful card.  She is such a good artist and makes really nice cards.  Having stuff from home makes living in a hotel room a little easier.

And, I always have my dog, Ears (who is such a good listener).

Ears China 2

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo in China ❤


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6.11.13 Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Blarney CastleI love to travel and last week someone ordered the most incredible Irish weather. Everyone was saying it never is this sunny and warm (65 degrees is hot for them).  I spent the week in meetings, but the weekend I got down from Dublin to Blarney, Cork and Cobh by train and bus.   Coming from the USA, which is a relatively new country compared to Ireland, I am humbled by the history.  I got to kiss the magic stone in Blarney Castle (built in 1446), which is said to bestow the gift of eternal eloquence on those lucky few who do so.  I wonder if that translates to blog writing too?

When I’m travelling I miss my animals a great deal after a few days.  I am so used to walking dogs and feeding cats that the break in routine is weird.  I prefer to have the dogs with me all the time if I could. I know you understand.  I feel an absence of spirit when not surround by my furries.  So, to make up for it I take pictures of animals I meet along the way (my smartphone died and would not charge this trip, so I missed many a cow, horse, sheep, and kitty, sorry.)

Blarney dogs

I meet these 2 beauties on the grounds of Blarney Castle, then on the way back to Dublin I meet the cutest little King Charles Spaniel on the train.


I love to travel but I love to come home. There are always the best dog kisses waiting for me from Louise and Sofie.


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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9.30.12 Global Reach

The dogs don’t really know what worldwide reach is.  Actually, they do not like to travel further than the dog park on the other side of town.  But, I know what a very large world we live in.  The other day I discovered another level to the statistics page of the WordPress dashboard.  It showed me all the places in the world that people have looked at DogDaz blog from.  I was over whelmed and over joyed.  How amazing to me the internet is.  That my little zoo can make it to the homes and hearts of people in so many countries.  Thank you all for coming by the zoo and taking a moment of your time to check us out, and many of you for returning time and time again.  Last Christmas, my daughter Peanut bought me this really cool world map that you are suppose to scratch off each country that you have been to.  Those of you that have read DogDaz for a while know that I travel on business to some wonderful places, yet, there are so many more that I hope to visit someday.  Though I may not physically make it around to each land, I know that virtually I have touched the people, which, in many ways, at least to me, is more important.  Well, tomorrow I get on a plane once again for the week.  So off I go.  I am wondering what animal to leave in charge this week? Not Sofie, because all she does is whine and complain and drive everyone insane; Louise is being very anxious and prancey lately, so I worry it would be to stressful for her; Kitty is a hot mess and will just hide under the coffee table all week; Nine is a bully; Muffin can hardly make it up the steps anymore and everyone pushes him around; Stella is too young… I guess by default it comes back to Noël once again.  Ok, Noey you are in charge of the blog.  Do good posts.  I will be watching.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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6.24.12 Reunion

It is funny when you are a traveler.  I am always the one leaving my other humans and my animals behind.  I get to see different sites, sounds, and smells, while they stay in their same world day to day, with mostly one thing different: I am not there.  I think it is harder for those that are left behind.  Thier world continues but there is a hole in the routine once filled by the missing person.  People understand travelers, though they may be physically lonely and miss you, they know in their heads that you will be returning.  They can talk with you on the phone, text in words, or even Skype with you over internet video.  But, to the animals, the hole is just there.  They know that another being, in this case me. the feeder and the giver of walks and hugs, is not immediately present.  They do not understand that I went on a business trip to Turkey (13 hours away in a metal container with wings).  They do not know that I thought about them everyday because, unlike my humans, I can not tell them virtually that I love them.  Animals can only receive what is present, immediate, and there.  You can not hug your dog with virtual arms.

Another interesting thing is how each animal responds to my returns.  Louise goes crazy with jumping and nuzzling (she tries to get inside my flesh she wants to be so close to me).  Muffin ignores me for about 24 hours and then, when he is ready, acknowledges my lowly existence. Sofie whines to be in my presence and won’t let me out of her sight for a really long time (and this return showed a new behavior, she actually nibbled on my arms to make sure I was really there, like she preens the cats).  I even woke up this morning with Noel, the alpha cat, who rarely will grace my bedroom with her presence, staring at me (probably wondering why I have not been in my office upstairs all week, where she primarily lives, and not happy that she had to come and find me).   

The animals (and humans) appear to be relaxed this morning and smiling a lot. For all of us things are back in balance.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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