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Monday Mischief: Saving Squirrels

So we were having tree work done. It was way past time to trim back the big trees which needed to be cleaned up, so they could breathe, as well as, be less of a danger to the house. But, in doing that, the wonderful tree climbers discovered and cut down a squirrel nest.

That evening, the owner of the tree company, bless his heart, tried to reunite the babies with their mom. But it was late and dark, and a storm had come through, so she never came.

The next morning at sunrise, we tried again, but she just wasn’t coming. Even with a tape recording of baby squirrel sounds playing loudly. So now, Rocky and Rockette, are going to live on a nice 14-acre farm after they a bottle feed for a few weeks.

Thank you tree people for caring enough to try and save the babies. And thank you, Tim Ballard, for teaching your teams about wildlife rescue. If you are in the Annapolis area, try Ballard Tree Service.

What kind of mischief did you get into today?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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4.9.13 They Both Survived

Last Thursday, I noticed the dogs going crazy at the fence line.  Right on the other side was a baby squirrel about 6″ long foraging for food.  I put the monsters dogs inside and proceeded to go pick up the baby, whose nest was about 10 stories up in the pines (Note: I am terrible at weight, height, and age guessing).  I came back around and put the baby back on the truck of the tree with his nest and I encouraged him to go home and stay high up.  (Yes, I absolutely understand he does not speak human and had no idea what I was talking about.)

Friday afternoon, as I feared, I see the dogs attacking something under the pines.  The poor thing, it did not listen and Louise had it in her mouth. Once I was able to call the dogs off. I picked up the little thing and it appeared that it’s back left leg was broken.  Oh my!  We got a cat carrier, filled it with leaves, water, a carrot and a grape, and made the little guy comfortable because there was nothing we could do in the late afternoon on a Friday.  Tomorrow, I would take it to the Wildlife Sanctuary or a Vet.

Baby Squirrel #1

Go Home, Lil' Baby

Go Home, Lil’ Baby

Saturday morning, off I went to the (please donate they really need it) Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary, about 20 minutes from my house.  We are so lucky there is such a place in the area that takes wild animals to be rehabilitated or to live out their lives.  I had never been there before but the kids have.  So lil’ squirrel and I went and he now had a new home to heal (until the big bad Baltimore Gas & Electric Company take the rest of her land – go to the link above and read her letter trying to save her family farm).

So… I get back home and let the dogs out back and you know what happens…. I see Sofie, down by the pool, with another baby in her mouth.  This one was lucky because it was soft mouthed sheltie Sofie and not the killer hound/lab, Louise.  I think this one hurt it’s front paw, but otherwise it seemed OK.

Since Baby #2 was able to climb and not in that bad shape, I took him/her to the park.  I found an area with a couple of nests way up in the trees in hope that maybe some other family will adopt it.  I don’t know much about squirrels, but I do hope that is possible.  (Please don’t tell me if it is not, because I want to believe that a few years from now, walking in the park, Baby #2 will look down at me from the trees and wave with it’s all better paw.)

Are you Ok? Baby #2

Are you Ok? Baby #2

Baby #2

New Home for Baby #2

New Home for Baby #2

I feel bad for the Mommy squirrel, but I really really really pray that she tells her kids to not play in our yard.

As you can imaging, the dogs now are on the prowl for anything moving in the leaves.

Sure seems that baby squirrels are early and spring is late.  That was definitely enough excitement for me for awhile.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤ dogcat.gif


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