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Black and White Sunday: Happy Mom’s Day!

mothers day 2014

Every animal (human, fur, or feather) deserves a family.

I am blessed as the fur-Mom of 7!


Have a great black and white Sunday.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Black and White Sunday: Happy Mom’s Day 2019!

mothers day 2014

Moms are the beings that take care of you and love you and give you treats, even if you misbehave sometimes. Happy Mom’s Day from DogDaz Zoo

Every animal deserves a family.  I am blessed as the human Mom to 7 animals.

Have a great black and white Sunday.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤

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Please Vote for Louise – Subaru Pet Hall of Fame

Louise wants to win the wonderful prizes offered by the Subaru Pet Hall of Fame

Please vote for Louise for the Subaru Pet Hall of Fame\

Click on the link above, which should go to her entry which looks like the picture below, and VOTE.


The prizes would be cool, but it is really nice just be part of a giving action.

subaru prizes

Maybe you want to enter too?


ASPCA/Subaru “Share the Love” Rescue Rides

Subaru and the ASPCA have been able to transport thousands of animals from overcrowded shelters to those where they had a better chance of finding their forever home.

Since 2013, Rescue Ride grants have totaled $188,000 which have saved over4,000 animals.

These transports were funded using a portion of the ASPCA’s Share The Love 2013 and 2014 donation from Subaru.


Vote for Louise at\

Have a great day and don’t forget to vote for the wonderful Louise! – DogDaz



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DogDaz Zoo: Those PuppyDogEyes

And here is what we call a textbook definition of puppy dog eyes.


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DogDaz Zoo: The Red Barn




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DogDaz Zoo: The Red Chair

Source: corporation-cats

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Tuesday’s Tails: Blind Pearl Needs You Today

So glad you are joining me today for the Dogs N Pawz Blog Hop called Tuesday’s Tails!  New posts go up on Tuesday but you can link up and post when you want all week-long.  The whole purpose is to feature cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, etc. so when you link up is up to you!  Even pets from PetFinder, are fine.  Let’s just get them all homes!

Dogs N Pawz said “I also want to encourage all of you to share each other’s Tuesday’s Tails posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and whatever other social media channels you use.  The more we share the more likely we are to get the word out!”


Let’s hop to it!  We adopted Mini Cooper from this wonderful group – CatsRUs.  Here is a wonderful blind baby who needs your help.

TT 101114

Sorry for the poor image, but that is all I was able to get.  For the full story on Pearl and other very deserving kitties click over to


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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