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Wordless Wednesday: Baby Bluebirds



The Bluebird family nested in the box by the pool.  There were 2 chicks.  They keep falling out of the box, or jumping.  I found one drowned in the pool. The other I found had hoped across the yard and was trying to get in the garage door.  Dad was sitting on the top of the garage yelling.  It does not seem like the baby can fly yet.  We put him back in the box again (this is the second time) because we did not want the dogs to eat him.  We hope he can fly soon.

Happy Wednesday!


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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8.1.13 Thankful Thursday: Freeing Ozzie Osprey

Today is Thankful Thursday and I want to thank the incredible people at the Chesapeake Conservancy for their endless efforts in keeping the Osprey safe from us humans.  Ozzie the Osprey, the youngest of Tom and Audrey Osprey’s latest brood, was in danger after one of his talons became entangled in a fishing line in the nest last Sunday.


Ozzie, the 2 month old bird, could not free himself from the nest and would have starved to death.  His two older siblings, Chester and Essie, have already fledged.

On Monday morning, a two person team climbed up to the nest during low tide, and freed Ozzie.

The location of the nest is kept secret for the safety of the birds.  But, of course, there is video of the rescue and a live stream of life with the family.  This is ‘reality TV’ at it’s best.

Osprey Cam

Thank you Chesapeake Conservancy for giving us this incredible view into the lives of one of the most cherished birds on the Bay, and for your efforts to make sure that all creatures have a chance to survive.


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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3.12.13 What Did You Build Today?

nine k8 windowIt is starting to be nice enough to open the windows.  With the bathroom window open, Nine, the Mancat, decided it was the purrfect place for his afternoon siesta.  K8 caught him enjoying the moment.  It get’s harder and harder to resist taking a break and going out to see the buds on the trees and the birds busy with their nesting.  Ever day now the mailbox (which got bashed by some kid’s with a baseball bat last fall, so it does not close) has been full of nesting material.  Today, when I came back from my walk (yes WALK, today was the first time I did my full 1 miler with the girls) there was a fully complete bird’s nest in the box.  How sad, because I had to remove it and set it into the bush next to the box so that the mail carrier could deliver the mail.  I tried to close the broken door to the box so they will build elsewhere, but I am not to successful.  This is so exciting.  I love baby birds.  Good thing that my cats only see them through the windows.      

Does spring air make you sleepy?  Does it make you want to go out and build something?


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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8.13.12 Hornero Nest Building

People are capturing the most incredible things on camera these days and are able to turn them into just such wonderful pieces of consumable art and information that travel thousands of miles around the globe in seconds thanks to the speed and technology of the internet.

For example this amazing series of photos of a Hornero bird building it’s nest from the LOL DAMN site.  I could not find out who the original photographer was, but I thought that it was just something that must be shared.  A private moment caught forever in pictures.

From Wikipedia I learned that “Horneros are brown birds with rather short tails and fairly long bills. They are known for building mud nests that resemble old wood-fired ovens (the Spanish word “hornero” comes from horno, meaning “oven”). They are from the family of birds called Furnariids, and while many of these types of birds have different nests, the hornero nest is the reason for the common name applied to the entire family; Ovenbirds (though unrelated to the Ovenbird, which is a parulid warbler). The size and exact shape of the hornero nest varies depending on the species. They generally lay 2–4 eggs, although the breeding behavior of the Bay Hornero is virtually unknown.

Adult horneros can frequently be seen sitting on top of their nest. They are generally noisy and all horneros are partially terrestrial, and commonly seen walking on the ground with a relatively up-right posture.

The Rufous Hornero is a national emblem of Argentina, one of the several countries it inhabits.”

I stay humbled to the fact that I can see a bird that lives (8394 km) 5216 miles away building it’s nest.  How cool is that?  I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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