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Monday Mischief: Our River Hawks

Every year our Osprey return to mate and have little Osprey.

This is us in 2014 before the bulkhead was turned into a living shoreline, staring at the Osprey platform. Those big birds don’t like us much. This year Mom caught them on video teaching their baby’s to fly. Turn up your volume if you want to hear their little cry drowned out by the 17-year cicada song. The cicadae are very loud but will be gone in a few weeks. But that is for another blog.

What kind of mischief did you get into today?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Thankful Thursday: Dog’s BedTime Prayer

dog prayer

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9 1679

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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: Osprey Win Back The Nest!

Osprey Collage 2014

Remember last week I was worried about the Bald Eagles that were on the Osprey platform.  I was worried that we were going to have a turf war over the nest.  But, looks like the Osprey family has returned and there is no sign of the Eagles.  This means, even though it is rain/snowing outside right now, spring has come to the Mid-Atlantic.  Now if only the temperature would follow.

Happy Monday!  What Mischief are you getting in to?



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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: Are the Bald Eagle’s Moving In

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I am not sure how my resident Osprey are going to take the Bald Eagles* moving in on their platform today.  Nasty day so the pictures are pretty dark.  Also, this new iPhone thing that I got does not seem to get very close.  Any tricks that people can share for better close ups?  I think there is going to be a turf war for the nest.

I will keep you updated on the bird mischief.

*Bald Eagles only recently returned to our part of the Chesapeake bay.  I was really excited to see them.  If you look closely in one of the pictures you will see the raptor on the right in flight.  It got scared when Louise tried to get close.  She almost jumped in the water.



This is a blog hop. I hopped it from Snoopy’s DogBlog. Check them out for more mischief.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Thankful Thursday: Time To Act

Today I am thankful for all the people that are working hard to stop the violence towards animals.  This quote that popped up on my Tumblr feed the other day really made me stop and think.  I hate when pictures come up on my Facebook or Tumblr of abused animals, but I guess they most.  Do we need to see these horrible things so that we act to stop them?  I really don’t like pictures of war and mutilation, but I think I understand them better now.  I still don’t want to see them, but if they get one more human to perform an act of kindness, then I guess they are doing there job.  What do you think?


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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8.2.13 Follow Up Friday: Fly Away Week!

Today is Follow-up Friday hosted by Jodi from Heart Like A Dog.  This is where we review the week behind so that we can launch into the week ahead (or something like that).

With the heat of the summer, I was not surprised that on Caturday, Noel slept her usual 18+ hours.  What a perfect life a house cat has.  I wish I could sleep even 6 hours.

Noel sleeping in the window

Noel sleeping in the window

As the heat continued, Louise plopped herself down on the deck in the shade, and I caught her rolling her eyes on Black and White Sunday.  It really isn’t the heat but the humidity that is getting to all of us.


Ok – so maybe it was only 5 or 6 but it felt like this.
Image from Google

So I figured we would go have some fun in the field, but as you saw on Monday Mischief, we kicked up all the bugs and then the swallows decided they wanted us out of there and swooped to kill.

This week was $10 for any cat over 10 lbs at the shelter, but for Tuesday’s Tails we found a black beauty named Viola that we thought would be a great addition to any family.

The heat finally broke and we have had some nice mid-80 degrees days, but I still can’t get the dogs to go in their pool.  Wordless Wednesday, featured Louise with her toes in, but Sofie snubbing her nose at the whole thing.  I was actually in their pool, but not even that made them want to go.  Oh well.

Thankful Thursday featured an incredible rescue of Ozzie the Osprey from a fishing line.  If you haven’t seen the Osprey-Cam, you really should go check it out.  Life in the nest, in real streaming video.

My empty Osprey nest Baby's have fledged

My Osprey nest b4
baby’s fledged

Still no job yet, but I am redoing my resume (for the 10th time) and trying to focus more on defining the best of my skills.  I wish that PetBlogging was a full time gig.  That would be a perfect life for me and the zoo.

Peanut leaves tomorrow for 10 months overseas for school.  Sofie has already claimed her bed as her domain.  It will be interesting to see how well we can all Skype and will the dogs really understand it is her.  I know that we want our birds to leave the nest, but sometimes I do wish I could hold on to her just for a moment longer.  I guess this weeks lesson for me comes from Tom and Audrey Osprey – tying them to the nest could have deadly consequences.  FLY PEANUT FLY!  (But do come home next summer to visit.)

june carissa 2013

Peanut & Sofie
** 4 Ever **

That’s it for the week. Thanks for playing along with us.  Check out the hop below and you can go play with others.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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8.1.13 Thankful Thursday: Freeing Ozzie Osprey

Today is Thankful Thursday and I want to thank the incredible people at the Chesapeake Conservancy for their endless efforts in keeping the Osprey safe from us humans.  Ozzie the Osprey, the youngest of Tom and Audrey Osprey’s latest brood, was in danger after one of his talons became entangled in a fishing line in the nest last Sunday.


Ozzie, the 2 month old bird, could not free himself from the nest and would have starved to death.  His two older siblings, Chester and Essie, have already fledged.

On Monday morning, a two person team climbed up to the nest during low tide, and freed Ozzie.

The location of the nest is kept secret for the safety of the birds.  But, of course, there is video of the rescue and a live stream of life with the family.  This is ‘reality TV’ at it’s best.

Osprey Cam

Thank you Chesapeake Conservancy for giving us this incredible view into the lives of one of the most cherished birds on the Bay, and for your efforts to make sure that all creatures have a chance to survive.


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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3.22.13 Follow Up Friday: Cakes and Closed Doors

What a week it has been.  The animals, and humans, gave me the best birthday ever.  We ate a lot.  Played a lot.  And cuddled much.  That was perfect.  Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes.  That was so nice.

winter walk 1I am glad to say that I am back to walking my mile with the dogs, even though it hurts.  I am trying to accept that maybe, from now on, my knees are just going to be a constant reminder that I am alive.  As long as the pain can stay on the nagging side and not the screaming side, I guess I will have to learn to deal.  At least no surgery! Louise and Sofie are so happy to be back on the road with me.  And we even are walking with Mojo rising occasionally (Louise’s boyfriend from next door).  

Peanut left last Sunday to go back to school, so of course, Nine ended up locked in her room one night this week mysteriously.  I swear that cats can teleport through closed doors, but it seems they can only go one way; they do not seem to be able to teleport out.  He was around for dinner and snack, but V found him in the morning frantic.  We did not hear a peep all night though.  I do wonder what he destroyed in there (sorry Peanut, I will go check).  

Many blog friends were worried that Noel would hurt Sofie with her menacing glare.  Let me assure you everything is all right.  We have never had a cat to dog fight in this house.  Only cat to cat.  Noel could do some damage if she were to get angry, so I never want to cross her.  

2013-03-17_13-32-09_8Weather has been crazy but we are going down to the water more and more.  The Osprey have returned and their nest is up and ready for the family.  Amazing.  I just read an article that the Bald Eagle population of Maryland has grown tremendously in the area.  I haven’t seen any by me yet sadly, and I am wondering if maybe the Osprey keep them away.  They sure don’t keep the Turkey Vultures away (wish they did).  

Baby Girl croppedBaby Stella has fallen in love with K8 and won’t leave her alone.  She is in her room all the time now.  I think she needs to be separate from her brother Nine, to have any chance at a voice. She did a great job of playing tag on Thursday with Little Binky of AngelWhisper.  

That’s it for the week. Thanks for playing along with us.


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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7.5.12 Reason To Stay Well Feed

We went to visit our friends the Osprey family, to see how they did in the Derecho storm the other day. From where we were on the shore, they looked fine. The daddy tried to swoop at us as usual (we assume because he thinks we are to close), so all things must be well. We wonder how, if trees were picked up out of the ground and fell on houses, the little nest stayed on the platform? I don’t know but to us that is a miracle. Lucky for the Osprey family because nests are hard to come by. The good news is that it would not be hard to refurbish their nest right now if they needed to, because there are millions of leaves and sticks everywhere.

It is fun to visit the Osprey but we do not think they like us very much. We are glad that they are safe because we like when they swoop over the house and sing to us. Or is that their, “Go away pesky ground animals or we will come and scoop you up” cry. Did I tell you that one of them picked up a neighbor’s Chihuahua right in the back yard? Luckily the human was there and screamed at the Osprey to drop the dog. He was OK. But anything under 15 lbs should never be left alone when birds of prey are in the area. That is a good reason to keep your dogs and cats well feed around here.


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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3.28.12 Down By the River the Osprey Fly

The girls and I went down to the river to try and see if their were any new Osprey babies. Mr. Osprey was not very happy that we were there and circled us angrily.

My Osprey

We have another platform in the neighborhood on top of a telephone pole for another family of Osprey. As the girls and I were walking home past that other platform, one of the parents swooped down with a fish in it’s talons (it looked like a Sunny) and then took off without giving it to the babies (I assume because it saw us).  The babies were peeping like crazy.  That is how we knew they were even there, because that platform is so high up we can’t see into it like we can the water platform.  I wish I was able to take a picture of the Osprey with the fish, but with 2 leashes, the rain, and the speed of the Osprey (the new phone s still hard to handle), I just was not quick enough.

The other night the Osprey were screeching for a long time near mid-night and I never knew why.

I love where I live.  Thank you mother nature for all your gifts.

Just another dogdaz morning at the zoo ❤


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