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4.19.13 Follow Up Friday: A Week Of Sadness

As you know last week, K8’s friend died in a car crash.  He was a volunteer fire fighter and there will be a full-out fireman’s funeral for him this Saturday.  It is very sad to lose a young promising person.  I find it so hard when you must wait to bury the dead.  I like the Jewish tradition where the deceased is laid to rest within 24 hours (where possible).  It is just hard on the loved ones.  We had to wait a month between when my father-in-law died and when he was interred because it was a military burial at Arlington Cemetery, that was endless sorrow.  Anyway, this weekend, hopefully, K8 and Tyler’s family and friends can move on with the rest of their lives.

Noel stretch 2

Everyone enjoyed exercising on Saturday with Noel.  Even some of the dog bloggers stretched with her.

Monday was the terrible day of the Boston Marathon Bombing.  But we did not know that yet, so we were definitely doing Mischief, which is our Monday way.   We were playing hide and seek down by the water.  Sofie discovered she could hide in the sand by the picnic tables.  The osprey did not like us being so close and were squawking at us.  Mom made us pose for yet another picture, because she liked the spring flowers.

On Tuesday. Mom answered an interested question for a friend about dogs eating cat litter.  Many people, even Mom, did not know how dangerous cat litter could be to the inside of dogs.  We are glad that everyone learned something from the question.

By Wednesday, the dogs were so exhausted all they wanted to do was sleep on the couch.  They are great snoozers.  Many people mentioned that it’s definitely a ‘dogs life’ around this house.  There is always a lot of sleeping going on between frantic walks and tug of war.  Oh yes, and the occasional cat chase, which is not supposed to go on, but Sofie and Nine seem to ignore the rules.

This Thursday, we wanted to show our gratitude for all the people who have helped us in our lives, and for those that helped in Boston and now also in the Fertilizer Factory Fire in Texas. People really connected with the quote by the late ‘Fred Rogers,’ on ‘finding the helpers.’  I was so glad to see that dogs are getting into the help act.  Look at these beauties that just arrived in Boston to help the wounded.  Please check out their K9-Parish Comfort Dogs Facebook page

helper dogs

That’s it for the week. Thanks for playing and praying along with us.


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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4.16.13 Cats & Dogs Can Be Friends – But Litter Can Kill


nine lulu

A High School friend of mine (via Facebook) contacted me yesterday with an interesting question. She has 8 cats (bless her little rescuing heart) and is considering getting a small dog.  She has never had a dog and was worried about several things, but especially about the dog eating cat litter.  With 9 pans in her house, I could understand the concern.  What I learned in answering her question was that kitty litter could actually be toxic to small dogs (I did not know that).  Check out this information on eHOW. I always have had a concern about dog’s eating cat poop, but I did not think about them eating the actual litter. It makes sense that clumping litter could really block a small dogs system, and it contains chemicals that could cause all kinds of gastro distress.

In our house, we have 2 uncovered pans in the the laundry room accessible only through a cat door or by a human, and a third side entry pan by my office, which the dogs can not get into.  We try for one pan per cat.

Cats and dogs can make the best of house mates.  Notice in the photo above, Mr.Nine last night taking over Louise’s bed.  You can see 60 pound Lulu in the corner trying to lie on Sofie’s little dog bed because she did not want to tangle with the 10 pound ManCat sleeping in the middle of her’s. Around here cats tend to have the upper paw.    BOL BOL (Bark Out Loud)   

Post script:  My thoughts and prayers are in Boston today. When will senseless killing end.

Just another dogdaz morning at our house ❤ 


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10.11.12 Dogs have Owners; Cats have Staff

I know there was a bunch of you that were laughing at the title of today’s post and you understand what I am talking about.  K8 bought me a cute sweatshirt with that saying on it and it made me laugh.  Here at the zoo we live it every day.  I spend hours, days, even months training the dogs.  I own them and I feel that their behavior is definitely a reflection of the work I put into helping them understand what is expected of them in the world.  I am their ‘boss.’  Kind of like the sports team owner around here. 

But the cats, well they definitely think I work for them.  “Human,” they say “we demand that you play with us now or we will bite on your phone cord or walk on your keyboard;” “Feed me now or I will throw up a hairball in the middle of the living room (especially since you just cleaned the carpet);” “Clean my litter box now or I will use this corner of your office as my new toilet;” “Feed me or I will go in the kitchen and knock all your favorite things off the counter;” need I say more.  The truth is, they are right.  I work for them. 

“OK, Kitty, I’ll be right there!”

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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