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8.6.12 You Know ‘The Look’

Have you ever sat there and looked at your child, or your lover, and just had this kind of stare that is just made up of pure love.  You know that look; the one that says, no matter what happens at any other point in time, this point is perfect, and you are just the being that I want to be near.  This is the look that I have for my daughter when she is just looking a certain way or doing something, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy and mommyish inside.  That unconditional, no matter what, love and adoration.  Well, that is how Louise and Sofie have been looking at me since I got home.  I can not go anywhere without them of course attached to my side.  But the looks… the I must be in your presence, you are the center of my being, kind of looks.  Now, I really do not feel that I deserve this undying devotion.  Come on, dogs, I just left you for 10 days, why aren’t you mad at me or something?  Instead, they just want to kiss me and snuggle, and rub deep against me.  There is so much that is said in a look.  I think that is why the virtual world craves pictures so much.  People really want to ‘look’ at things.  They want to see the form and the movement.  Even though we may be disconnected in space and time, beings want to look at each other.  Ok, I know that people that do not have sight may not have this concept, but I bet (I don’t have anyone I can ask so I am guessing), that they have, in their own unsighted way, ‘the look’ that I am talking about.  Come to think of it, Squash E Bear, when totally blind, used to tilt his head to me in that kind of ‘I love you and will follow you anywhere forever’ look.  Look back at this picture of me, Lulu, and Squash and see if you don’t agree?  I find it incredible that the animals can sit and stare at me that way.  Noel does it too, but not Muffy, Kitty, or the others.  Is it love? Is it obedience?  Do animals look at each other that way?  Do they stare at their young the way that I do mine?  Sometimes, I guess I stare at the animals that way too.  Like when I took this picture of Louise yesterday.  She is watching Sofie on the other side of the deck with a rope toy.  I was struck by her musculature, her calmness, and her beauty.  I probably had ‘the look’ in my eyes when I took the shot.  I guess maybe next time I will turn the camera around and see.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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