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DogDaz Zoo: Welcome to Munchkin Land

Munchkins are the cutest and munchkin kittens, well they are beyond cute! – DogDaz

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DogDaz Zoo: Welcome To Munchkinland

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3.1.13 Follow-Up Friday: Almost There & A Chair

winter walk 1Following up on Monday Mischief, the dogs and I have started to walk a little again.  Recovery is about 50% there, if I don’t screw it up.  I tend to try and do to much to soon, because I am impatient.  I see the surgeon next week, so we will see what he thinks.  I am walking the girls further and further every day.  We are all really happy to be getting back to ‘normal,’ especially with spring coming.  I haven’t tried to walk down to the water since last month when I had trouble getting back up the hill and started to cry.  Maybe soon though.

Louise on her chair

Louise on her chair

In response to the Wordless Wednesday post on Louise hanging off her office chair, everyone said that I need to go out and get her a dog bed, bean bag, coach, or (my favorite from Cupcake) a Barkolounger.  WunderButt offer us his chair, which was very nice.   This weekend I definitely need to see what the options are.  I think she will still hop up in her chair most of the time because she likes to be up at my level but thank your all for the suggestions.

People were in love with the little Munchkin kitty that I posted a GIF of on Wednesday.    They are like a corgi kitty: little legs with a big heart.  Peanut turned me on to this newly created breed of cat that was noticed around 1983.  The history can be found on Wikipedia – Munchkin Cat. 

I can’t believe today is the first of March.  That means 20 days until Northern Spring!  Yahoo!!!!  Birds have been flocking to the feeders and the bird bath.


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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