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Black and White Sunday: My Ball

It is funny how different things come out of the toy box at different times. Louise is not really a tennis ball kind of dog, but I looked over and there she was sleeping with this one. Have a wonderful black and white Sunday.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤

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5.7.12 Leave my donut alone!


Sofie loves her new toy, I call it ‘Donut.’ Donut is an Kong Airdog toy, which is a variation on a tennis ball (the dogs love this line of toys). She has taken off all the skin by now, which is what my dogs love to do to tennis ball things. She enjoys carrying it and ‘Beaver’ (her lovey) in her mouth at the same time.  This morning she came to me with Beaver, Donut, and another soft toy in her mouth (wish I could have gotten a picture).

Lulu gets jealous sometimes when Sofie has ‘special’ toys and she steals them to tease Sofie. I do believe that the dogs are capable of teasing and playing games on each other.  I watch Lulu set Sofie up for a fall all the time.  She actually places toys in Sofie’s mouth, just so she could then snatch them away.

Here is Lulu stealing Donut, and the chase is on…..

Just another dogdaz at the zoo. ❤ 


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