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DogDaz Zoo: Cat Mayor Accused of Abuse of Power

Duchess the cat was elected mayor of Wiley, SD – population 241 – last year after her predecessor was recalled. Now the cat is potentially facing a recall challenge of her own after a local blogger accused her of widespread abuses of power.

“An audit of town documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests shows that Duchess has repeatedly used her political position for personal gain,” wrote the blogger, known only by the nom de plume WileyWatcher.

According to the series of posts, Duchess used town funds to hire an intern whose sole job was to “scratch her frequently behind the ears,” and she apparently gave herself a $500/month “feather and yarn” budget. Most damaging, however, WileyWatcher details how the cat used her position to grant favors to friends.

“When it came time to upgrade the litter box facilities at a local park,” claims the blogger, “the contract went to PawFresh, Inc., a major donor to Duchess’s mayoral campaign. But a close look at the bids submitted for the project reveal that PawFresh was neither the lowest bid nor the most highly rated company.”

Also, she apparently wears a crown around town hall.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office declined to comment.

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DogDaz Zoo: Dignified In Any Situation

<p>PHOTO OP: Dignified In Any Situation<br />
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thefluffingtonpostPHOTO OP: Dignified In Any Situation Via kotaro_tenten.


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DogDaz Zoo: Nobody Puts Bunny In A Corner

PHOTO OP: Nobody Puts Bunny In a Corner

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DogDaz Zoo: Major Catnip Bust Rocks Local Community


Major Catnip Bust Rocks Local Community

The DEA announced that, in partnership with local law enforcement, the agency has successfully closed a six month investigation into major catnip trafficking syndicate based in the small town of Gibbs Falls, North Dakota. The operation ended with 12 arrests and the seizure of over 2,000 pounds of catnip. Street value: $1.4 million.

“We’re happy to get all that nip off the streets,” said agent Monica Payne, who lead the undercover operation, posing for months as a catnip buyer.

The cats involved in the ring were importing the illicit substance through Canada. Most of it was destined for Midwestern cities like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago and Detroit. But what made this ring so dangerous, said Payne, was that they were also “cooking” the catnip into a highly additive designer drug known on the street as “scratch.”

“Scratch has ruined a lot of lives,” said Payne. “And cats only get nine.”

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DogDaz Zoo: Don’t Shoot!

thefluffingtonpost:  PHOTO OP: Don’t Shoot!

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DogDaz Zoo: How To Keep Kittens Fresh


HOW TO: Keep Kittens Fresh

Do you have kittens at home that keep getting stale? Don’t you hate when you slave over a fresh batch of cats, only to have them go all rotten?

What you need is Kittenware, the brand new kitty storage system guaranteed to keep your cats fresh or your money back. All Kittenware containers are BPA free and come in small, medium and large sizes.

They’re also stackable! Get yours today.

Note: The Fluffington Post does not endorse Kittenware. The preceding was a paid advertisement from Kittenware Corp.

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Tuesday’s Puppy Pesto Gardener


Puppy Starts Homemade Pesto Business

Pesto is great. You can put it on pasta, you can put it on sandwiches, you can just dip Italian bread in it.

A love of pesto is what’d driving Humphrey the mastiff puppy to put all his savings into a new business veture: Presto Pesto.

“Humphrey has planted a large basil garden in the backyard,” said the dog’s business partner Tony Maggliotti. “He plans to use his own, homegrown basil and to locally source parmesan cheese. But the secret ingredient? He’ll be using pistachios instead of pine nuts.  It’s delicious.”

Humphrey will ship his first batch of Presto Pesto in June.

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