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Black and White Sunday: d’Ball

I wonder sometimes what the dogs actually see when a toy is just sitting there and they look like it is going to jump up and hit them. Sofie’s favorite toys are cat toys. I call them catnip tea. She loves to suck on them. Is there a catnip for dogs? I guess that is CBD or something like it. What is your favorite toy?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Major Catnip Bust Rocks Local Community


Major Catnip Bust Rocks Local Community

The DEA announced that, in partnership with local law enforcement, the agency has successfully closed a six month investigation into major catnip trafficking syndicate based in the small town of Gibbs Falls, North Dakota. The operation ended with 12 arrests and the seizure of over 2,000 pounds of catnip. Street value: $1.4 million.

“We’re happy to get all that nip off the streets,” said agent Monica Payne, who lead the undercover operation, posing for months as a catnip buyer.

The cats involved in the ring were importing the illicit substance through Canada. Most of it was destined for Midwestern cities like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago and Detroit. But what made this ring so dangerous, said Payne, was that they were also “cooking” the catnip into a highly additive designer drug known on the street as “scratch.”

“Scratch has ruined a lot of lives,” said Payne. “And cats only get nine.”

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1.4.13 Follow Up Friday

Following Up Friday gives me a chance to catch you up on a few previous posts:  

We are watching, so be warned!!

We are watching, so be warned!!

12.27.12 Two Dogs At Every School, got a lot of interesting comments.  People were mostly concerned about the safety of the dogs.  Yes I understand that a crazy person with a gun could shoot one of the dogs on entrance to the school, but isn’t that the point.  Better to sacrafic one life for the lives of many (as Victoria Soto did for her students)?  I did not get as much support around the idea as I expected.  People were worried about allergies and the liability, and all of them are fair concerns.  I guess it is just better to give every teacher a gun and make them focus on protecting their class instead of teaching our children (ok, I am being sarcastic here).   The truth is, guns are not the problem, mental health is, so maybe we are protecting the wrong thing.  I am disheartened, but will keep thinking on this one.  

9 catmas 201212.29.12 The Catnip-apillars come in a 3 pack from PetSmart.  They were nothing fancy but all the animals are really enjoying them (Sofie Bear loves to suck and nibble on cat toys (OK that is weird now that I write it.)

Sofie's 1st snow ever.She was amazed, 2012

Sofie’s 1st snow ever.
She was amazed, 2012

12.30.12  I never really thought about how many animals never will experience snow.  But then, my zoo won’t experience desert, though I guess they could experience sand if I took them to the beach.  I love the diversity of followers and the view from their locations.  Makes me realize how incredibly different our environments are and how wonderful a medium the internet is to be able to virtually experience another climate.  

1.1.13  A New Year and new experiences await.  I forget to mention my new friend Pawsitively Pets, who was my buddy in the Christmas Blog Exchange.  She has a wonderful and informative site, so go by and tell Ann Paws that DogDaz sent you.  



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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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12.29.12 Caturday: Catnip-apillars

9 catmas 2012

Santa Paws brought Noel, Stella and I, Catnip-apillars.  They are really cool and fun to play with.  They smell really strong.  Mom most have gone shopping for Santa Paws (we know he is busy and she is a very helpful person) because she tried to hide something that smelled a lot like this in her office and everywhere she put this one big gray bag, I found it and tried to get inside.  Finally, she put it in the linen closet, which has a big knob on the door so I can’t get in.  I bet she bought them for Santa Paws to give us.  Our Mom really knows how to pick toys.  Have a great Caturday – Nine, the DogDaz Mancat (do you like my new name for the New Year? Mommy says I am still just her Bullyboy).  

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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