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7.8.12 Antipodes

I have this hole to China theory that I brought up in yesterday’s blog and wanted to explore. As you can see from Louise’s photo, I caught her digging (notice the lovely line of dirt on her muzzle). My mother always said that if I keep digging in the yard, I would get to China – and when you are little, you do not question your Mother’s logic. But now I am big, and Mommy is not here to defend her 1950’s logic, so, where do you end up if you dig a hole through the earth’s core and come out the other side from Maryland, USA.  Well, for me, it would be in the middle of the India Ocean it appears.  You would need to be in Argentina or Chile to dig to China.  Wikipedia has this great page on Anitpodes, basically the opposite sides of the globe.  I never gave it much thought until today.  So, Louise and Sofie, as you dig your holes, just be aware, that you are not going to get to where you think.  But you may get cooler in this heat when you dig your shallow pits and lie in them.

Try this really neat site to find your location’s opposite: If you dig straight down

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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