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DogDaz Zoo: Still Skyping


Nine is actually home, in the house, but Sofie is not there waiting with him (as this picture may imply).  He is probably wondering where she is and why his doggy pal is not around to play with.

Stella, on the other hand, is very happy that the ‘chasers’ are not around.  I hear that she is taking full advantage of a dogless house and is coming out much more.

Here is V Skyping with me in China.  Now you probably understand why the dogs are at Sonya’s: it’s not safe when I’m not there – wild animals roam the living room.  BOL

Video call snapshot 1

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo in China ❤


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9.22.12 ‘Home’ Shopping w/ Louise

Louise & SweatshirtsAs you all know Peanut is away at college up north.  It is getting colder and she did not bring enough warm clothes, like sweatshirts.  So, being the TechnoMom that I am, she and I Skyped the other day (it was our first time since she left and it was so cool), and I was able to bring the computer into her room and go through her closet and drawers visually.  It was like the ‘home’ shopping network in my own home.  All the animals came in her room to help me, especially since the door has not been open much since she left.  Louise, as you can see, tried to help me but got bored and decided to go to sleep instead. I walked around the house and each of the animals were able to see Peanut on the screen.  I think some heard her voice but I am not sure they really knew it was her.     

I think the animals know that the kids are gone because they sit outside their rooms and scratch up the carpet to try and get in.  Sometimes, when I go into Peanut’s room, Nine runs in unseen and then gets locked in when I leave.  When this happens Stella goes crazy and tries to dig him out while he is on the other side, while he is trying to get out. “Help! Help!  My brother is locked behind the door!”  I am sure you can image what the corners of my carpets look like on both sides of every kid’s door.  Lately, Noel has been pushing open K8’s door (old knobs don’t hold well, so a cat can push them open easily) and going to sleep on her bed.  We have to be careful not to lock them inside. (You probably will think I am weird but I believe that cats have this ability to teleport behind closed doors somehow, since they always seem to get into closed rooms and closets which have not been opened any time recently.)  Maybe I need to put ‘Nannycams’ around to see what is really going on.  Then I could send the videos to the kids at college so they can feel like they are home.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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9.3.12 DogDaz Milestone: A Labor Of Love

The other day I past a milestone on the DogDaz blog. Over 400 followers and over 22,000 hits. This is incredible to me.  I started writing the blog the end of November last year.  It was a way to deal with my love of animals but also for me to talk about all the incredible things that I learn from them.  I never really thought a lot about how public a blog is and how many people I would interact with on a daily basis.  I set myself a personal goal to post everyday.  This has not been easy, since I travel a great deal and work incredible hours.  But, so far, I am doing it.  My posts are not always to the level that I would like them to be, but it seems that the ones I think are the weakest sometimes get the most good feedback and comments.  I wish I had more time to read other people’s blogs and many times I want to comment but am reading them on my SmartPhone with limited ability to type something decent, which can be frustrating.  I ‘Like’ people’s blogs, which my Phone lets me do easily, but commenting is not as easy.  I enjoy visiting so many people’s sites and getting views into their animal world, photo world, food world, and just family life,but it has become a huge task to keep up.  I wish I could just do this all day and night, but alas, one must live in the real world to be able to blog about it, and I do not chose to live ‘in’ the blogworld all the time (you know what I mean?) 

What an incredible gift this internet is.  I wonder if people really understood the power that this tool has to allow us to see incredible sights from far away places that we may never visit physically but can virtually (and interactively and instantly).  Don’t get me wrong because I love paper books, and ebooks, and magazines, and photographic essays on nice heavy paper, but I can see the world here from my computer in a way that I could not as a child.  The internet has allow me totally new ways to socially interact that I could never have imagined.  I have more high school friends than I had in high school and can see all my family pictures instantly, thanks to Facebook;  I stay in touch with old and new business associates via Linkedin; I Skype with my family when I am overseas and also now with my college student; I blog on WordPress, and reblog on Tumbler, and even Pinterest; I work with my community service group via GoogleDocs.  Though I have been emailing since the technology was launched, I can now instantly answer via my SmartPhone if I want to.  Here on my blog, my animals get to be stars and I get to write about what I love.  Less than a year ago, I would not have known how important every blog post would be to me.

THANK YOU, whomever is reading this, for an incredible time.  Come back again and I will do my best to make you smile, laugh, and maybe think about something you had not thought about before.  You are my blessing – and clearly – I am blessed.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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7.16.12 Can Dogs Skype?

I only just got home from the family vacation last weekend and Friday I have to hop a plane to Australia for 10 days which I think really impacts the animals . (I like going to Australia but I don’t think the family or the zoo likes me that far away (1/2 way around the world).)  The dogs were crazy when they saw me after 6 days of them being at Sonya’s house (they do not have any concept of where I was except not with them and that they were not home, so explaining vacation would be futile).  They are very used to being with me all day since I work from home.  When I travel for work, they are still home, and all they know is that the alpha ‘feeder, walker, cuddler’ is not with them for X amount of cycles (day/night).  They are stuck with the beta ‘feeder, go out in the yard, yell at us for barking to much’ humans when Mommy is gone.  So in these 4 days before I leave again I better pack in lots of walks and cuddles and play time.  This should hold me, but will it hold them?  I wonder what the dogs or cats would think if they saw me over Skype?  Could they even see that it was me without my smell?  I think they would recognize the voice.  Would it only frustrate them because they could not physically be near me? I know they respond to an occassional bark on the TV, but do they see the images?  The cats definitely see the stuff on my computer monitor, because they swat at things that move and chase them,

Well after this trip they will get me for a whole 4 weeks before I leave again.  I never worried much about this with other dogs, but Lulu and Sofie are very clingy (they are still babies – 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old).  Maybe I will bring them back a Joey (baby kangaroo) that they can play with?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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