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DogDaz Update From China: There’s Food, So Where Are The Pets?

Obviously they have cats somewhere in China.  I found food and litter in the grocery store.

Obviously they have cats somewhere in China. I found food and litter.

There were signs of cats in a very small aisle in the grocery store,

Chinese dog treats in the grocery store.  I don't see dogs anywhere, though.

Chinese dog treats in the grocery store. I don’t see dogs anywhere, though.

There were also dog treats, but I have only seen 2 strays and 1 leashed dog in 3 weeks.  No cats.  Hummmm…..  I am really having animal withdrawal.  There are also no ground animals, no rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, not even snakes…  but I’ve been told if I go in the back of restaurants I will find rats.  Oh, I did see a bird at work last week.  I never realized how much I am tuned into the ‘other than’ human vibrations around me all the time, and without them, I am starting to get off balance.  I contemplated going to the Shenzhen zoo, but I am afraid that it might upset me if the living conditions are poor.

I miss my furries.  Sorry to whine.  

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo in China ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Still Skyping


Nine is actually home, in the house, but Sofie is not there waiting with him (as this picture may imply).  He is probably wondering where she is and why his doggy pal is not around to play with.

Stella, on the other hand, is very happy that the ‘chasers’ are not around.  I hear that she is taking full advantage of a dogless house and is coming out much more.

Here is V Skyping with me in China.  Now you probably understand why the dogs are at Sonya’s: it’s not safe when I’m not there – wild animals roam the living room.  BOL

Video call snapshot 1

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo in China ❤


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Sad Days With No Dogs – In China

Hi!  I am in Shenzhen, China and finally figured out how to get around the Great FireWALL of China so that I could blog.  If you are interested in my digital nightmare, you can see the story on my business blog:  The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent – Digital in China… or not!

I am going through animal withdrawal and it is really hard.  I have only seen 2 dogs in the week since I got here and no cats.  One dog was a scruffy little thing dodging traffic (I saw him from the bus while I was going to work and was so worried about him).  The other was a white Scotty on a leash.  I have heard a few birds in the trees but have not seen any yet.  The best I can show you is some local flowers – does anyone know what they are?  They are red and fuzzy.  Hopefully, some animals will cross my path in the next few weeks so I can blog about them.


I miss my furries (and humans), and obviously, I could not last without popping up in the blog once and awhile, because I miss all of you.  Well off to bed, still jet lagged by 13 hours.

(Hey when I pressed the publish button it told me this was my 1500th post.  How cool is that!)

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤ in China – Lorian


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