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Monday Mischief: Patience Is A Virtue

After the dogs have dinner (4:30 or 5 PM), Charles has decided that instead of waiting until later in the evening (7:30 or 8 PM), he wants his evening snack immediately. I have started calling it ‘Second Supper.’ He has become so insistent that he goes into his pen, which is where he eats because both he and Sofie are food aggressive and she will kill him, and starts to whine, yip, and fun around. I do my best to ignore him as long as I can, but if I am sitting in the living room, which is where his pen is, he will not stop. For some reason on this night, he actually went in his pen and was waiting patiently and sitting quietly for about 5 minutes, until he could not take it anymore.

Sofie, being the anxious mess that she is, cannot deal with this frenetic energy when he starts to do the little dog run around and barking thing, and she freaks out if I don’t watch the energy level before ‘second super.’

Louise and Sofie have their snack in fun toys that they roll around the living room and down the hall. It takes them a long time and Louise especially has a super time. Charles on the other hand, won’t play with any snack toys. I don’t know if he is lazy, stupid, or just manipulative. He wants a mini ‘Busy Bone’ and he wants it easy to get to and not hidden in any toys or anything. Lately he has been eating them so fast, that I have to make him wait at least 10 minutes in his pen until the girls are done. He sure doesn’t like that. These little dogs are so demanding.

What kind of mischief did you get into today?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: Thunder Rolls and Bed Rolls

Mom came back from the beach and brought thunder and lightning. We don’t like that at all. Please save us! We are trying to hide in the corner with Mom.Thunder collage

Louise went into her kennel where she feels the safest. But I need Mom to sleep with me on the floor. Mom brought her pillow and blankie down to my bed.

Sofie thunder 1





Where are you going to sleep, Mom? I like your pillow much better than mine.

What mischief did you get into today?



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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: 4 Years of Blogging

collage 2015 namesNovember 28 marks 4 years of blogging for DogDaz Zoo.  I have done a post almost every day during that time and many days I have posted twice.  Since November 2011, I have published over 2,633 posts, received more than 23,459 comments, with 94,113 views and 1,831 people followers.  Those numbers blow my mind.  DogDaz started because of my love for my dogs and cats and my interest in connecting to a global community of animal lovers.  It was a way to share my deep enjoyment of animals, my love of technology,  and my desire to converse with others of a like mind.  The journey has been rewarding and wonderful.

Sqaush E Bear, in his last year with us.

Sqaush E Bear, in his last year with us 2010 (by K8).

There are so many times I have thought about not blogging anymore. Those of you that post your own stuff know how hard it is to keep a constant schedule – coming up with new material, making sure you meet your deadlines.  All that can wear on you after 1,400 or so days.  But I love to blog. The once or twice I have taken more than a few days break, I have missed it tremendously.  That is why I always find a way, day after day, to share fun photos, stories, and stuff.

Life at the zoo has gotten pretty busy.  The daylight is shorter and the workday is longer. There seems to be less and less time to be creative (bummer).  I think I am going to alter my publishing schedule a little to give myself a break.  Maybe, I will do 4 days out of 7 or something like that?  I love the interaction with my readers and don’t want to lose that. Many of you, your animals, your families, feel like old friends. I have watched you grow and you have watched us.  We share your high moments, and sadly, sometimes, your low moments.  Thank you for 4 great blog years.  I look forward to lightening my blogging load to get more time to read your stuff.


Cleaning up after hurricane Sandy 2012

Happy Blog-iversary from DogDaz Zoo to all of you  – Lorian and Louise (aka Lulu Belle), Sofie Bear, Noel (the Christmas Cat), Nine, Stella, and Mini Cooper.

Nov 2012

Early Zoo: Miss Constance Kitty, Stella, Noel, The Muffin Man, Nine, Louise, Sofie – 2012

July 2015

New Zoo: Lulu, Sofie, Noel, Nine, Stella, and Mini Cooper – 2015


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: What To Do If Your Dog REACTS


Lulu and Mojo playing

Lulu and Mojo playing


I love the idea that you get what you reward.  With Louise I am always anticipating every situation in the outside world so that she does not freak out, and with Sofie, it is just the opposite, I have to anticipate everything inside to keep her anxious OCD world manageable.

What mischief did you get into today?



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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: Door vs Thunder Storm

MM 6.22.15 Thunder Storm

I never go out through the laundry room into the garage, but Grammie, who will be 90 next month, was visiting and it was pouring down rain, so I wanted to keep her dry and not make her go down the front steps of the house.  I knew a thunder storm was coming (as they tend to every day this time of year) but we wanted to go to dinner and get Grammie back to her place.  So I put on Sofie’s thunder vest, added 3 composure tablets to her dinner, feed everyone, and we all proceeded to leave.  I knew that Sofie was screaming worse than usual when I left, but what can a Petmom do?  I made sure she was in the main part of the house, not in the laundry room, and went on my way.  Obviously, since she saw me leave through the laundry room, she thought she would find me if she got in there.  She probably started by trying to fit through the cat door.  Once that was dislodged, it appears she ate a big enough hole to fit through and get to the other side.

When Peanut got home from dinner (I had to take Grammie back to her place), she found Sofie locked in the laundry room with blood all over her face.  When I got home the above is what I found.  Thank goodness I have cheap press board doors and not wood.  It seems only her gums were irritated (though there was a lot of blood).

This has been a horrible week of storms and I have tried many herbal remedies (which only seem to make her worse).  Her separation and storm anxiety appears to be escalating by the day.  I am spraying a bandana around her neck with ADAPTIL every couple of hours.  She has been getting VetriScience Composure Pro for months (to no avail).  And this week we added Min-Chex, which made her go absolutely bonkers (it basically had an antithethical effect).

I fixed the door – but I don’t know how to fix the Sofie.




This is a blog hop. I hopped it from MYBrownNewfies. Check them out for more mischief.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo


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