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1.25.13 Follow Up Friday: Lovies and other things

Well, it is that time of week to look back so that we can look forward.  

Mom! Louise has all the toys and she isn't sharing.

Mom! Louise has all the toys and she isn’t sharing.

People were very taken with the wonderful angels, Gertrude and Squash, who were present on the blog last weekend.  I appreciate the nice comments, we all have our fur angels and sometimes we need them to visit more than others.  I am blessed to have a whole zoo of angels that all come visit from time to time.  

The dogs were so bored after their Monday Mischief that I had to break out a new Bo-Bo.  All those toys and they can’t find anything to do.  Amazingly (and I really should not say anything or I will jinx it), the new Bo-Bo still lives!!!  But let us see what destuffing goes on tomorrow.  

We really appreciated the response to Meet Mini Beaver.   It was great to find out that Sofie is not alone in her attachment to a Lovey.  Droppie, of AngelWhisper has a squeaky duck; Misaki has a squirrel; Doggy has his blanket, and; the humans at Animal Couriers make sure that when their dogs have a Lovey they go buy lots of extras.  Cupcake on the other hand, like Louise, is fickle and will play with anything (or not).  

Knee Update:  The bad news is, as expected, I tore the Menisus in the left knee.  But the good news is: not planning surgery immediately (I do hope that is good – right?) Since I already have trouble with the knees we are going to take the most conservative approach.  The doctor shot the knee with drugs and I am going to go to Physical Therapy to try and get the muscles stronger.  He said 50% of people are not bothered by the pain of a tear after about 12 weeks (that seems like a long time). We are hoping that it will stop hurting even though it will never go away.  When I asked him if I would every be able to knell again, he was a little hesitant to say anything other than, “you may have limitations.”  Wish me luck, folks.  All I want to do is get back to my walk every day with the dogs.  We are all going crazy!  Maybe next month.

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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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12.31.12 Monday Mischief: Making No-Bos

To all our pals – Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve.  May all your Pawties have lots of treats and good music and may you dance until the cows come home.  Happy_cow

Now back to the blog as regularly scheduled:


imageimage image

There are only a few toys that last very long in this house and Bo-bos are not one of them.



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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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7.7.12 ‘I’m Bored!’

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Lounging on the deck is such a relaxing experience.  K8 took some great shots of Sofie, just being Sofie.  Looking pretty, checking out what is around her, and showing that she is not very interested in lying quietly.  Sofie is one of those dogs that gets bored.  You have to always have something for her to do, or she will create something, like dig a whole to China (which is our very North American term for digging through the earth to the other side, which for us, is China we think – but is it really?)  Since we were out of power for so many days, I went to the only open supermarket and picked up a few new dog toys.  Each dog got a supposedly indistructable stuffed toy (Lulu got a fish and Sofie a turtle).  Turtle lasted about 1 hr before her stuffing was everywhere (she is pink, so I figured it was a girl turtle).  Fish actually held for about 2 days (he is yellow).  He is half stuffed now (and of course I did a ‘squeeker-ectomy’ once opened by the girls).  Then I also bought them each a new ‘Bo-Bo,’  I only see Lulu’s so I assume Sofie’s is lying empty of stuffing somewhere.  It kept them busy for a little while and to me that is wonderful.  We still walk in the 107 degree F heat (about 42 Celsius) and then they sleep it off for awhile too.  Ah, the life of a dog in suburbia.  Wish I had time to be bored with you Sofie!

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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5.3.12 Waiting for Bo-Bo

I wonder sometimes, when the dogs are sitting staring at a toy like Bo-Bo, what they are actually thinking.  Is Sofie waiting for Bo-Bo to get up and walk away?  Is she hoping that Louise will take it and then she could chase her around the house?  Is she really hoping, deep down, that a cat will walk within 2 feet of Bo-Bo, thus giving her an excuse to chase said cat down the hall (which is totally against house rules)?  Or, is it just that she is so in love with Bo-Bo that she can not take her eyes off of him?  Ah… the inner workings of a dog’s mind.  Got to love it.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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